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What is the minimum stake for a bet?

The minimum stake is £1 or its currency equivalent.

What is the maximum stake?

This varies depending on sports and events. You can check the maximum stake allowed on the betslip by clicking “MAX” next to the stake window.

What are the maximum possible winnings?

The maximum winnings are different for individual sports and can be checked in Terms and Conditions.

Can I cancel my bet?

No. It’s not possible to cancel the bet once it was accepted in the system.

The football match I placed a bet on was cancelled/postponed. What will happen to my bet?

If the game won’t be played within 12 hours from the initial date, the bet will be voided. 

For other sports, please check special rules of the sport you are interested in: 

My bet was voided. What does it mean?

If the bet was single, your stake will be returned. In case of an accumulator bet, your possible winnings will be counted from the remaining odds and the stake will remain the same. Voided bets don’t count towards promotions.

Do you have horse racing in your offer?

Yes, we do offer horse racing. You can automatically go to the relevant section by clicking on the link below:

Where can I found my bets history?

You can access your bets by going to My profile > My bets or via the following link:

You can use the filters on the top of the list to manage which bets are showing.  

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