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If you want to make a complaint in any matter, please contact our Online Support via live chat or send an email to support@stsbet.co.uk 

To deal with the complaint as fast as we can, it must contain clear information about the Player’s identity:

  • name
  • surname
  • username 
  • registered email 
  • residential address
  • all relevant details about the issue (name of the game, time and date of an incident with a clear explanation)

The whole complaints process should take no more than 8 weeks to be assessed and responded to.

In the event of a complaint relating to the outcome of a customer’s gambling that is unable to be adequately resolved between Stsbet.co.uk and the customer within a period of three months from notification, we have an obligation to submit a detailed report for independent arbitration. 

As an independent third-party dispute resolution, Stsbet.co.uk applies to eCogra, which acts as an impartial adjudicator on disputes that arise between betting/gambling operators and their customers after they have been through the operator's own internal dispute procedures and if a deadlock exists. Disputes may be filed under https://www.ecogra.org/ata/dispute.php. The arbitrators’ decision is final.